ETH deposit has not arrived

Hello, I made two deposits to my ETH out of network address one for .04922895293412 that came through and another for 2.768 ETH both to the same ETH address. It’s been over 7 hours now and I still don’t see the 2.768 ETH. I have screenshots of both transactions but don’t see where I can attach them to this post.

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Hi, did you create another deposit address for your 2nd deposit (2.768 eth)?
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Send me the screenshots you have in a private message so I can check further.


@Will_Roll I see that you sent some ETH 2 times to the same address: 0x5378…3880
Please send me a private message on Discourse and provide this information:
1/ The transaction hash so I can check your transfers on
2/ A screenshot of successful deposit (maybe the one .04922895293412 ETH) on your Incognito wallet

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I just sent .009 ETH to an external wallet and haven’t received it. Why is there so muc issue with sending and receiving. I keep losing my ETH. So frustrating.

I checked and it the .04922895293412ETH isn’t in my wallet. Still missing.

Isn’t 2.768 eth the only amount that is missing? As we warned in the app: A deposit address can only be used once, so your 2nd deposit to the same address will not be processed normally.
Give me any screenshots related to these deposits and both transaction hashes in a private message so I can check further.
Also, how is your eth withdrawal now?

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for reaching out. I made a third tranaction to test sending ETH just yesterday. But yes the 2.763 ETH and the .049322895293412 are the original two transaction that still haven’t shown up. I guess at this point I’ll just considered them lost. All I want is to see why may have happened so I can avoid loosing Crypto going forward.

I have sent you the transactions attach to an email not sure why you are not able to see them. How can I get them to you other than Discord since I don’t have a Discord account.

Will Roll

Let’s not worry about this issue any more. I’m sure I can recover this eventually with
profits from my Node.

Thank you

I sent you a private message.

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He said Discourse, not Discord. The platform you are on right now, is Discourse based. No need to email, just private message.