Eth bridge and gas prices

Welcome to 2021 where eth is exploding. Along with that comes insane gas prices which I don’t foresee as getting under control. With that being said, we should try to optimize our eth smart contract that trades with kyber and uniswap (also our main eth bridge). Is there a way to integrate all order routing through the dex aggrigator ? They find the best routes and offer the best options I have ever seen. also utilizes gas saving tokens like chi, which is often why the gas price on their end is cheaper. we can also utilize a gas token the same way for this swap contract and the main eth bridge contract to help reduce fees

As an end user I really want to try to swap and stay inside the incognito network , which is why enabled access to uniswap etc is great. Currently I could withdraw my eth for example, send to 1inch to swap for desired asset, then deposit back to incognito, but why do that when we have a bridge setup and we spent 3 months of dev time implementing it?

Thoughts ?

Also does anyone have a link to the smart contract that swaps with uniswap? Currently I only have the main eth bridge smart contract address

Idea: we store gas the same way as they do with chi and gas token and create a pcoin for it and offer it only for use inside incognito for bridges trades :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I second this. Enabling the use of chi gas token would only require adding a few lines of code to the current smart contract from my understanding.

Edit: my previous comment is only regarding the use of chi for the ETH incognito bridge. As far as using it inside the Incognito network and pDex, I have no idea re: the implementation or use.


cc @duc

This sounds interesting, I just took a look at a few articles about and chi token, this may a promising solution for the gas fees problem over Ethereum network generally as well as Incognito contracts particularly.
Of course, we’ll still need to research and consider thoroughly to make sure it works with all cases in a flawless manner. Thanks!


Details on how to make your own gas token here:


Did anything become of this?
Is there a way to save on gas through chi and/or interacting with these platforms directly as described?

This is obsolete after Ethereum London hard fork which does not allow such a scheme.