Error "tokenID not supported by the v4 Portal" - incognito cli


I tried this command:

incognito-cli portal shieldaddress --tokenID <monero-token-id> --address <my-payment-address>

but I received the following error message:

tokenID <monero-token-id> not supported by the v4 Portal.

Is there something else I can do to generate a shielding address for monero? Is there, for example, any RPC? Thanks.


Btw, which tokens are supported for this command?

At the moment, only BTC is supported through portal.

Thank you for you answer. Can I generate a shield address for Monero using an RPC?

No, the only way to shield XMR now is through the app, in a centralized manner.

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Hello, @daniel and @staff. I was just wondering, is now any other coin other than BTC supported through the portal?

Never mind, I figured it out: