Erroneous date when receiving earnings from node

When I receive the earnings from a node, the date was one day in the future. This has happened twice yesterday and once today.

This one is from yesterday:


And from today:


The date seems to be working for simple transactions.

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Maybe the nodes are displaying UTC? Are you in a UTC-XX time zone (like USA)? Just a thought.

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My UTC is -7

@Support Can you reply to this if this is something that should be fixed?

@J053 Did this start only after a recent app update focused toward node owners?

I saw this bug the 29 of Octover.

Looking at the code, this might be happening
time: moment(tx?.LockTime).add(7, 'hours') || history?.time,

I assumed it would take the blockchain time and adjust it to your timezone, but will ask the dev.
How far off is it?

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Ms Jaime is on it guys…she be sharp… :sunglasses:

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I’m not sure.

It will be fixed. Some code adjustments for testing were not removed.


Just noticed when I withdrew some rewards this morning, then looked at that transaction under Assets, that the time shows pm instead of am. I expected that to be displayed in the user’s local timezone. What timezone is it?

@support Yes it appears there is a bug in how time zones display after one of the updates. It also affects node earning timestamps, which I think you are aware of.


Hi @Rekonn, thanks for reaching out. It has been reported recently and we are working on a fix. Hope to get it fixed at the end of this month.

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Nice! Does that mean I earn the bugfinder badge?

Ah, never mind, reading rest of thread now, you guys are already on it.


The issue was fixed. Please check this. Thanks.