ERC-721 Dividend token for investors

Can I list my token on Dex to raise funds for my profit sharing business?

Unfortunately there is no Incognito support for Ethereum’s ERC-721 token protocol. Only ERC-20 tokens are supported.

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Thank you Mike much appreciated.

Can a listed ERC-20 on pdex be linked to a project website where an investor can purchase tokens directly from?

Yes. You will still need to create a PRV-[ERC-20] liquidity pool to enable trading, otherwise users will only be able to shield/unshield your ERC-20 token on Incognito.

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So once a PRV-[ERC-20] liquidity pool is created I could integrate an iframe onto my web application?

There is no web pDEX … yet. A web interface is on the roadmap – albeit without a concrete timeline.

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You have been extremely helpful. Thank you.