Entire keychain wiped

I was switching over to privacy v2 on iOS, i should have read what the abilities were at the time but I got ahead of myself and tried to link my original incognito keychain onto privacy v2 when I did this it showed up with it completely wiped on both apps, any ideas what to do l?

hi @Johnd64,

Please try to re-import your master key phrase (12 words) first. Thanks!

Hey @Johnd64

As my understanding, you were tried to test privacy v2 on your iOS phone
So, please I need more information to reproduce the issue:

  • this is fresh install or update from existing app?
  • the app name show on your home screen is ’ Staging ’
  • you already switch network to testnet.incognito.org
  • when switched network to testnet, the app use a different local storage to save data, that why you have to import passphrase or create new one