Donald Trump uses now Blockchain

This is really huge news in my opinion. People or at least Trumps follower won’t know yet, as he has been censored on all platforms.

But he has created just yesterday a profile on (, the decentralized video platform. Running on chain.

Looks like LBRY will do to publishing, what Bitcoin did to money.


It’s very interesting on twitter the number of people believing in the crypto (particularly bitcoin) ethos support his censorship and de-platforming.

Seemingly one of the most powerful people in the world can get censored and shut down by Twitter, Facebook, and the news media generally but the least powerful person in the world can never be shut down by bitcoin and now LBRY.

Political feelings aside, the freedom I feel being in control of my own financial liberty personally trumps (pun intended) the price action of bitcoin. I don’t know that everyone feels this way but once you get it, it’s definitely a light-bulb-moment.

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