Doge in PDex

What happened to DogeCoin? All the exchanges halted the trading for it

Any updates on Doge back in pDex?

Hey @Cameron_Nelms Dogecoin has not been remove or halted trading on the pdex. You currently cant trade doge on the pdex because noone has provided liquidity for that pair yet. In order for a token to be listed on the pdex, users must aggregate liquidity to that pair using the Add function on the app. Doge is available, liquidity must be added to its pool for it to be traded though.


Good idea😁

Will provide some liquidity for doge, as soon as I fix smth with support

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Thanks! I Figured either this, or like what happened with gamestop recently, a lot of exchanges wanted to prevent some profit! Thanks for clarifying! I’ve been trying to figure out the liquidity pool.


Nope none of that happening here. Btw, this post will come in real handy while trying to figure liquidity. How to add liquidity in the pDEX

Hope that helps!


I was able to convert some pvx for dogecoin, and I tried sending it to another wallet, but I can not find the coins.

Here is the transaction number #64652

Any help with be great