doge coin lost

I can not find my transaction from exchange to my shield address blockchain says it is received although it is not in my wallet yet? Please help me. I will use usdt from now on, doge apparently was fast…

Are you on the correct keychain?
When you tap Assets->Doge coin, does it show an entry for your shielding transaction?

Yes it does .I’ve done multiple transactions in the past like this through usdt btc eth and more. This one is odd. And I even had a 2 doge processing fee, stumped

Better send a personal message (on this forum) to the support account. Include a screenshot of the shielding details (the ones that show up when you tap the shielding entry) and the transaction hash/link to the external transaction. This will speed up fixing the issue.

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Thanks alot Jamie


I’m actually having the same issue, can. It see my coins as well, even on the receiving wallet. There’s no transaction posted.

Did it complete on the sender end?
I just retried 4 times on the incognito shield end and it came through.
Be warned any trade from pdoge to any other privacy is a 60% loss, I’ve received it now sending it back to my exchange…