Does setting slippage rate to 1% even do anything?

I exchanged 830 dollars worth of Dash to XMR and once again the slippage killed me. I only did a little this time but it bleed 36 dollars out. I got about 794 dollars worth of XMR. Two separate transactions, first one was a 1 to 1 ratio. second killed me. This time I set the slippage to 1% so at most it should have only cost 8.30 cents but apparently not. -_-,

I guess the p dex is really only good for amounts of 100 to 200 dollars or less. Which will take forever if trying to exchange large amounts. I wish so badly this was available for pc because it’s so slow on my phone. literally takes like 30 mins to an hour to get done with.

Slippage is different for every transaction. The slippage for a small transaction will be smaller than the slippage for a large transaction. This is especially true for smaller liquidity pools, such as DASH.


You can see the effects of slippage in the unit price difference for your two trades.

Yeah I thought setting the slippage rate to 1% would mean it couldn’t slip past 1%?

The slippage option is typically used to increase the acceptable amount of slippage for a given trade to ensure a trade completes even as the LP’s ratio continues to self-adjust. I do not believe it’s designed as a rate limiter the way you describe.

Ah alright thanks for the explanation, I was assuming the rate of slippage would be within a 1% range/no higher than that.

It would be so awesome if you guys made a limiter or some way to set the max tolerance or something. Or even simultaneously make multiple small orders to avoid slippage. Or just something that would make it much less costly to convert one to another.