Does pDEX work?

My trade is still in Pending state after at least 50 min. Is it normal? I couldn’t find even pDex trade request of my trade in the explorer.

Trade Id: 4737

I wrote this and now the request (with some other pDEX requests) exists. Did someone push it manually? :slight_smile:

Shard 1 was stuck for nine hours, could be a reason. Unstuck since 15/30 minutes.

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@inccry, you’re right. Shard 1 and Shard 3 were stuck yesterday and it affected somehow to the pDEX work. However, we fixed it and everything is now back to normal. We will have a full update in Community category soon.

@abduraman Your trade did go through smoothly, didn’t it?


Yes, it was performed.

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