Do we need pDEX, pWithdraw and pStake wallets anymore?

As we can trade and provide from any account. Can we delete pDEX, pWithdraw and pStake wallets. Do we forsee any use for these in the future?

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pStake wallet is still used and as I understand it, will be the main wallet for gaining interest on your coins. But any wallet can be used for this.

I’m not sure what pWithdraw was intended to be used for, however, I wouldn’t worry about it. Also, I don’t think there is a way in the app to delete a wallet currently.

to add on to what @Jared said - yes, if you had initially used pool, your funds will be in pStake. But you can withdraw, then transfer them to any other keychain and provide from there. Newly downloaded apps will no longer come with pStake keychains.

To remove a keychain from view, just open the keychain tab, and swipe left on it. This does not delete the keychain permanently though - it will be recoverable with its private key.

pDEX and pDEX withdraw are used for the Add tab, the dual side liquidity feature. We have not yet removed the need for these, and will do so in the coming month or so. As these are default accounts still, you will not be able to remove them yet.

Hope that helps!


Hi @ning , under the “Keychain” section of my wallet I have the following listed:

  • Anon
  • pDEX
  • pDEXWithdraw
  • Linno

The keychains: Anon, pDEX, pDEXWithdraw all have “Zero” balances and the “Linno” keychain has funds.

You mentioned that the pDEX and pDEXWithdraw are still needed, but I am not sure what the “Anon” keychain is used for. Can it be deleted?

Anon is just a keychain created automatically for new users - it has no special functions and isn’t tied to any features. You can remove it - just swipe left in the keychain tab.


Thanks @ning. I really like the clean interface of the app with it’s large typeface, icons and buttons. Nice work incognito team.