Do we have a way to export CSV's?

I have over 20 pNodes and would like a way to export my CSV’s for them. I know the team was working on something to that effect and tried to look for it in the threads, but got lost and confused. Is this available yet, and if so, how can I do it?

Are you referring to the history of transactions for each of your nodes?

Or at least to external addresses, whatever it is we need for tax purposes.

I would love to know this as well

This functionality was available prior to the pdex v3 update. The export would provide earnings data, shield and transaction data (I think its been a while). It would be great to have this as a feature again - a lot of people wanted it especially to assist with tax reporting purposes.

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@SynthiaNominae @Geoffrey_Lane @SPAddict25,

The newest version of the app now has a button to export a CSV with all account information. Please check it out.