Do OTA Keys Resync ?

@daniel After submitting the OTA key to our full node using authorizedsubmitkey rpc.
I used getbalancebyprivatekey rpc to read the prv wallet balance. After that i made a transaction ie sent more prvs to the wallet whose balance i just read. When i tried reading its balance again using getbalancebyprivatekey it gave me an error saying OTA Key not ready sync still in progress.
So do all the submitted ota keys resync after a periodical interval ? or does re-syncing takes place only after a transaction ie after sending or receiving prvs ?
Also once an OTA key is submitted to our full node ,how long does it takes for the OTA key to sync? does it takes 24 hrs ?

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No you don’t have to resync, an OTA key is only need to be submitted once.

It depends on your node performance and whether you are running any other services on the same machine. In the average case, it usually takes less than an hour for now, I guess.