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I have tried to spend time testing shields and unshields from the incognito network to the two main networks ( Ethereum and Binance ).

And also testing "Send and receive transactions in the Incognito network. Hopefully it can be a reference for others who just joined the incognito community.

And below are the results.

Shield or Deposit eth/erc20

Pending(1) on incognito app. Meaning it hv been confirmed on etherscan.
And then waiting to mature of 120 confirmation on etherscan / Passed pending (5) on app to complete succesfully token arrived in to incognito wallet balance.

Unshield or Withdraw eth/erc20

Set Tx fee : 0.1 PRV ( However inchain was recorded tx fee 0.05 PRV )
Pending (8) up to passed pending (11) , and got confirmed on etherscan was 10 minutes. Then token arrived on trust wallet balance ( it can be vary depend on congestion of ethereum network )

Shield or Deposit BNB/BEP2 token

It took 15 minutes succesfuly to pass pending (2) and arrive on incognito balance.

Unshield or Withdraw BNB/BEP2 token

1st test:
Set tx fee : 0.05 PRV ( However inchain tx fee was recorded 0.000000004 PRV - weird ). Passed pending (8) and Then token was arrived on trust wallet balance after 23 Minutes. More slower than ethereum ( weird ).

2nd test:
Set tx fee : 0.1 PRV ( However inchain tx fee was recorded 0.05 PRV - reasonable ). Passed pending (8) and Then token was arrived on trust wallet balance after 16 Minutes. More slowser than ethereum ( weird ).

Caution !!! Dont close your app during Unshield, otherwise it will be stuck.

Send / Receive pToken within incognito

Set tx fee default : 0.000000060 PRV ( on inchain mainnet was recorded same tx fee 0.000000060 PRV ). It took 6 minutes till token arrived on balance in app.

Trade on pDEX.

For example you trade PRV / USDT.
Tx fee : Default
After click confirmed. It will take process about 15 minute untill all process completed. The first 3 minute, it will deduct your PRV balance. Then 12 minutes later your usdt will be added into your balance. Whole process was 15 Minutes.

Add Liquidity / Invest

It took time 7 minutes. by completion action was 3 minutes. And later on till successful was 4 minutes. Total 7 minutes.

Note: Internet connection was well speed.

My comment:

Especially for BNB withdrawals and BNB tokens.

it seems strange to make a withdrawal to the binance network even slower than the ethereum network.

The second oddity was that I set unshield a transaction fee 0.05 prv but inchain was recorded 0.00000004 prv only.

And for the second test, the difference in tx fee which was set at 0.1 PRV and recorded inchain 0.05 PRV not too much different.

Do you have any advice @Peter


Very useful, thanks for posting the results. :+1:


Hi @Trader3, thank you for dedicating your time and energy into this :grin:
I just want to add a few information:
Shield or Deposit eth/erc20
The 120 confirmations you see is just a correlative number, from the time the Ethereum transaction is generated to the success status on the Incognito wallet app. It can be explained by the process below:

  • Pending 0: Shielding request is created. We haven’t received your funds yet.
  • Pending 1: The shielding address received your funds. Now it’s time to verify the token is valid on the Incognito network (a), then it begins to work with the Ethereum smart contract (b). If the shielding token is ETH, it begins to work right away and it takes 15 confirmations.
  • Pending 4: when (a) and (b) are successful.
  • Pending 5: Now we start to mint the privacy token. InchainTx is generated
    Now if the InchainTx is valid, the shielding request is successful. Your funds are credited to your Incognito wallet.

Unshield or Withdraw eth/erc20
It is exactly what you see. A withdrawal is a process of burning privacy token and releasing the normal token:

  • Pending 8: Burning tx is sent to the server
  • Pending 11: Burning tx is succeeded, OutchainTx is generated at “pending” status.

Unshield or Withdraw BTC/ BNB/ BEP2 token
This is a centralized flow so it takes a little bit longer.

Send / Receive pToken within Incognito
The fee doesn’t affect much in the speed. We have 8 shards currently. If the sender’s address and the receiver’s address are in the same shard, the transfer would be done within 1 minute. Otherwise, it takes about 3-6 minutes as you examined.

@Trader3 I add this comment to explain about the fee’s oddity:
1/ When you unshield, there are 2 types of fees that are collected: a transfer fee and a burning fee. The fee you saw (0.00000004 PRV & 0.05 PRV) is the transfer fee.
2/ The transfer fee is different bases on the time that tx is created and the amount of that tx.


Hi @Peter Thanks for explanation. :+1:

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