do i buy another node or wait for node tree?

trying to decide i already own a node. Not sure when the node tree will be released.I am interested in buying another one.


id buy it… theres only 300 left ever to make i bet, then buy an full stack tree!! bosssss

A node is a node is a node. You can run a virtual node now and then later move it to a physical hardware node later if you so choose.

I originally tried to wait for the node tree. I realized with the growth of PRV, I feel like it’s worth it to just buy up as many of the current pNodes as I can now. They can earn PRV for me while I wait for the Node Trees. Once the Node Trees DO come out, if I want to free up space, I can either sell my current pNodes, or give them to friends and family.


You think you could run a node on a phone hotspot?

its technically possible, but I don’t think I would recommend that, especially if you even plan on using that phone.