[Discussion] What browser do you use that help provide privacy?

As of 2022, many people use Chrome on desktops, Safari on macOS and iOS, and either Chrome or Edge on Windows systems. While each of these companies takes steps to secure these browsers, people cannot fully audit the code in these browsers. And since Google, Apple, and Microsoft do not provide access to all of the code, many computer privacy professionals reasonably consider these browsers to be less trusted than browsers for which all of the code is publicly available.


Brave founder is the guy who created JavaScript and the team is super brilliant. I have been using Brave since early 2021. My experience is good, no more ads blocks, no more tracking and it is a huge upgrade from Chrome for sure.


One of the oldest and most well-established browsers, Firefox, can be configured for privacy. I personally don’t use this often, but there are people using this and push their firefox to the absolute limit.

What browser do you use and why do you guys think it will provide privacy for you?

  1. Brave
  2. Firefox

i am googlechrome

I’m trying out Vivaldi.com at the moment as it has many other useful productivity tools and privacy features built in.

Excerpt from their website: https://vivaldi.com/#browser-features

Real privacy at the core
We don’t track your behavior. And we try to block other trackers trying to follow you around the Internet. As a result, your private information always stays safe — and you can browse freely without worrying about someone sneaking a peek at your browsing history or tracking what you do online.

Sync across all your devices
Vivaldi works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, syncing your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks, tabs, and more. We use end-to-end encryption to protect your data from being accessed by third parties. And as an added bonus, we host your browsing data on-premises in Iceland, where it’s covered by strict privacy laws.

Read more here…

Give it a try - it’s free and it’s fast.

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Wow thanks for sharing. I will give it a try. Apart from the claim from their company, do you know any 3rd party ratings or reviews on the app privacy?

Here is a comparison by a 3rd party YouTuber. I couldn’t find anything more recent that compares Vivaldi vs. Brave.

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I would just download and start to use it haha. Thanks for the recommendation 🫡

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