(Discussion) Ubuntu 20 vs 22

Has anyone noticed any pros or cons of using either OS for their nodes?

I am planning an upgrade from 18

Incognito vNodes run on a docker container so there is no impact regarding what version your host OS is running.

However, if you are referring to pNodes we have had reports of issues after upgraded and strongly discourage it.

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This is regards to vNodes.

I understand both versions support incognito, that is not my question. I am looking for anecdotal responses from fellow validators who may have been running ubuntu20 and upgraded to ubuntu22 and if they have/had a preference. Maybe there were quirks, or issues with one vs the other. Maybe one resulted in more stalled nodes? I dunno. Stuff like that. Basically exactly for the reason you mentioned, that “you have had reports of issues after upgraded and strongly discourage it”, even though the pNode SHOULD in theory work fine on 20 or 22 right? They all have docker containers…

That’s what I am asking.

Interested in responses from fellow validators, thanks guys.

The pNodes run other code outside of the docker containers.

I would suggest you link to this thread on our Telegram channel so it will get more exposure.

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My latest multi vNode host is built on 20.04.4 LTS, but the main reason for that is that I started building it before April 21st when version 22 was released. I would guess either works fine. I’m wondering tho, why do you want to upgrade from 18? Or are you reinstalling it for some other reason?

I’d go with 22.04 LTS for a fresh install if I were you. I found that not installing docker during the linux setup worked better for me. Just do it manually afterwards or let the vnode setup script do it.

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I am having some issues with my server unrelated to incognito and was planning to do a migration inclding upgrading the hdd, so i figured i might as well do a fresh setup.

18 works fine, I wouldn’t upgrade until required or had a good reason to.

Question for you @fredlee, why is it better to install the docker after? Can you elaborate?

I don’t remember what problems I was having with the built in docker setup. Could be different paths, version, or some user/access setup it does. I just remember it didn’t work right away and I ended up removing it and installing it with apt, like I use to, after the Linux is up and running.

Could also be a problem existing between the keyboard and the chair.

I will most likely use the ver 18 “mini” setup since i like the minimal install better. I think it still installs docker by default though, cant remember.

And then I’ll just process the upgrade to 20 and then 22 before setting up incognito.

Docker is an optional service in the Ubuntu 20 Server setup. I think it is in 18 as well.

I believe support for ubuntu 18.04 ends soon (April 2023).
For pNodes, is there any more info on whether upgrading to 20.04 will work?

pNodes are a hardware item. Do you mean vNodes?

No, i mean the pNodes

They’re built on Ubuntu 18.04, but that will lose support from April

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Hello @brico84 & @ninjit,

Good news! I’ve finally confirmed via testing on several pNodes that upgrading is working.

Please check out this guide for the instructions on how to do so:


Thanks Jared.
I finally got round to doing this, and was able to upgrade without issue.

I was also able to finally identify a nagging problem I’ve had with one of my pNodes, that would sometimes not boot up when moved/powered on.
When disassembling the unit, I could see the actual power LED on the board, and realized that on connecting to power it was showing orange, and not booting up.
That LED is also a physical power button, and pressing it would wakeup/boot the system.

Turns out the BIOS setting for behavior on power failure was not set to stay off - instead of always on.

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