(Discussion) pNode incentives

Is it still worthwhile to run a pNode? Did the math, I’m getting ~$1/day. Not sure if this is worth the electricity and data. My firmware node is up to date.

Is that an accurate amount for earning or is it supposed to be higher?

Hello @BPSPQR,

Running a node (vNode or pNode) is a personal choice and only you can decide if it is right for you or not. That being said, each node is selected to earn randomly. You can track how many epochs until your node is selected by putting the ValidatorMiningPublicKey into monitor.incognito.org’s website. Each epoch is roughly 4 hours long.

Assuming your pNode is running funded stake by Incognito, you should be earning ~$1.33/day* or somewhere close to that. Keep in mind earnings fluctuate based on how many nodes are active on the network. If your pNode is self-staked (you will need 1750 PRV) then it should be earning ~$3.86/day*. (* according to community member data as of Oct 30)

The power requirements of the pNode should be as follows (dependant on your electricity costs):

Running at 100% usage (very uncommon) here is a table of your cost:

Electric Cost / kWh Your Cost per Day
10¢ 15¢
12¢ 18¢

Internet bandwidth costs considerations should be non-existent with the rollout of Staking Flow v3. If you are seeing high bandwidth usage please open a support ticket by messaging @Support.

Choosing to run a node is not just about the financial reward but also about helping to strengthen the network and help enable privacy for all who use the Incognito network.

Regardless of what you decide to do, thank you for being an Incognito node operator and helping to protect our privacy!


Just run it. You spend more money using the Xbox or ps5. I use my node as a book end