(Discussion) Community Growth

Is there a plan to bring back community growth in the way we had it before everything went “Poof” and we lost 80% of our community?

I don’t mean partnerships with other blockchains, but I mean actually growing a user base and community of people passionate about the project again.

Are we waiting until a certain time on the technical roadmap to begin serious projects and efforts towards doing that? We’re a shadow of what we used to be in terms of having a community and it’d be great to get back to the old times…
As I also think that’s the only way the project will really take off.


I say this knowing how hard the dev team is working on the technical aspect of things, and I don’t mean to diminish that. I just haven’t heard too much about community growth (and its not on the roadmap), so Im curious to know more about it.


Hey @Mike_Despo,

We are actively engaged in growing Incognito both in development and community engagement, although I will admit most of our focus lately has been around development.

Our partnership efforts have been to organically increase our user base and also add value to our ecosystem (providing a new coin, bridge, etc).

We have begun to ramp up our community engagement efforts by sending out weekly update emails, tweeting about exciting news/changes, and also adding new coins/features that members of our community are requesting.

Yes, after we have a web wallet available to the community you will see more aggressive efforts to increase our communities user base.

Until then, I believe the best way to get new and excited users is by word of mouth. We need the help of the community that we currently have to help inform others about Incognito and share their excitement. Feel free to retweet our posts and direct new users to our Telegram.


I could not agree with you more @Mike_Despo. I fully appreciate the hard work of the devs as well as Jared/Luke on the support and growth side. But in comparison to where we were last Spring… its no comparison. There was constant and aggressive engagement and growth in the community. Everything from telegram, to forum, to YouTube and more, there were several team members constantly engaging the community and bringing new interest to Incognito.

I have not seen those efforts return…

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The team only just started getting their communication going again. They now have far more to face off to the market with:

  • Privacy apps (pUni, pPancake, pCurve plus more coming…),

  • Better tokenomics for the community ( < fixed node reliance).

  • An app that now feels slick and fun to use.

It’s now at a stage where there is markedly more utility where people can now house all their crypto assets and choose which ways to participate (pdex, privacy apps, privacy infrastructure).

On the comms side, they only just restarted the weekly updates, entered a Solana Hackathon and securing key partnerships. Just like the team is now delivering development on time and with ambition, they aren’t blind for the need to increase community engagement and reach. Just have to give it some time :slightly_smiling_face: