[Discussion] ARM Devices

I’m sorry for reviving this old topic, but are there new resources regarding the compilation for ARM devices?
I’m thinking to experiment with vNodes on ARM cloud computing.
If there aren’t any more ways I might bother you in the near future, as soon as I’ll be able to access the cloud service I’m looking into.

Hello @GGolov,

ARM devices were ruled out a while ago due to low performance. With the low cost of VPS servers and the possibility of putting multiple vNodes on the same VPS it really is not worth the trouble to pursue ARM devices.

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Oh, that’s sad.
So, should any x86 mini PC that has the same specs of a NUC6CAYH or greater like an Intel Celeron J4125 or the most recent Intel Atom(s) may suffice?

@GGolov, I went ahead and split this off to a separate thread.

Yes, any computer will work as a vNode if it has the same or better specs.

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