[Disabled] Vote for the next coin of the month on incscan.io!

Why this vote?

  • it allows anyone to try to promote his favourite coin or pair during one month on incscan.io homepage.

Who can vote?

  • Anyone with INCSCAN tokens

How to get vote tokens?

  • Each month, INCSCAN tokens will be distributed to forum users and custom token owners:
    • 2 tokens to L3 users and custom token owners
    • 1 tokens to L2 users
    • 1 token to L1 user
  • Buy INCSCAN tokens from pDEX

To vote, 2 possibilities:

  • Open Network Explorer tab available inside Incognito app. If you click on any vote button, it will automatically prepare a vote transaction and ask you to validate it.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.52.04

Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.57.20

Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.58.00

  • Follow instructions displayed in the vote popup: send INCSCAN tokens to the address shown, with a memo containing your vote value.

    Capture d’écran 2020-12-12 à 11.58.45


About January 2021 votes:

INCSCAN tokens distributed (manually :sweat_smile:) to L3 forum users.

L2/L1 and custom token owners distribution will be done as soon as Incognito SDK is fixed, needed to automate distribution.


Just to be clear, does “vote value” in the memo mean saying “Yes” or “No” or “I vote for ______ or I vote against ___________”? And while clicking on the “vote” button via the in app explorer next to one pair, like PRV-pUSDT, could one vote for another pair, like PRV-pETH, in the memo?

Use of governance tokens is always interesting. Is the token being sent to a particular address the VOTE or is the MEMO attached to the token the VOTE?


Hi @Socrates

There are 2 addresses to vote: One for coin voting and one for pair voting. There isn’t an address per existing coin or pair.

One vote = 1 INCSCAN token sent to one of these addresses with a memo containing your vote value. If you send a transaction without a memo, it won’t be count.

You can’t change memo value if used from Incognito app, to vote for your favorite coin or pair, go to the Votes pages, search for your coin or pair and click on the related vote button or navigate to your coin or pair page, a vote button is available on these pages too.


Cool idea!

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I have a (silly) idea?
When it comes to voting for builder rewards if we send the voting token to you you reward us with XX INCSCAN tokens. Then you can resend those tokens to vote for your project :wink:

Hi @marko!

Yeah, forget this idea please ^^ Builder rewards thing should be fair and that’s a reason why I post nothing about it before votes.

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About January 2021 votes:

INCSCAN tokens distributed to custom token owners, L2 forum users and L1 forum users.

Please vote for your best coin and pair: https://incscan.io/votes :slight_smile:

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Hello Inccry!

Excuse me but is the distribution completed? I’ve only gotten one, but I read in your post that L2 gets two :open_mouth:

Thank you :grin:

Hi @Estem,

You’re level 2 since one week only, that’s why you received only one token.

Just sent another one :wink:

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Oh my… sorry about that :sweat_smile:
But also thank you very much I will make good use of them!

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@inccry congrats , you had implement successfully pAPP-SDK to request a transaction from incognito app.

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@binh thank you!

TBH the hardest part was the backend :wink: (gettransactionbyreceiverv2 + memo encoding + token distribution) :slight_smile:

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oh, I understand,

TBH the hardest part was the backend :wink: (gettransactionbyreceiverv2 + memo encoding + token distribution) :slight_smile:

I will create an example with sdk for this case.

Thank you for your previous month votes!

About February 2021 votes:

  • Vote is live
  • Incscan tokens distributed: 1 for level 2 forum users and 2 for level 3 forum users and custom token owners.
  • Level 1 forum users won’t receive any token from now because some users have created duplicate accounts. I’m sorry for other level 1 users :frowning:

Please vote for your best coin and pair: https://incscan.io/votes :slight_smile:

(Please read the first post of this thread if you don’t know how to vote)


Vote tokens distributed for March 2021 contest, 1 for level 2 users and 2 for level 3 users.

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If you are beta testing the web extension, you can use it to vote, please follow instructions available here: [Need Dev feedback] Web extension testing


Experiment finished, votes have been disabled. Thanks for all testers!