Different rates for different amounts?

I am in the app and I was just about to trade some BUSD for Dai so I can capture the better provide rate but as I was getting ready to place the order I noticed that when I change the amount I am buying I get different rates depending on how much I buy. I’m sure there is a good explaination for this however It’s pretty disappointing because I want to get a good rate. Is it possible to capture the better rates by doing it in several different trades?

The larger amount of a coin the Dex has, the less of an impact you’ll see

This is exactly why providing liquidity is so important. Since Incognito uses AMM’s and not orderbooks, the more available liquidity for the pair, the less a trade impacts the price.

Yeah this is slippage my dude :expressionless: :sweat_smile:

It’s how I lost 2200 USD when ETH pool barely had anything in it.