Differences between Provide & Add

What are the differences between Provide & Add in the incognito wallet?
Don’t know much tech or finance. I’ve been using Provide but, when I saw the Add feature I realized that that’s what I thought I had been doing this whole time.

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There’s a more complex answer but Add is for providing both sides of liquidity (like BTC & ETH both) whereas Provide is for one-sided liquidity (and thus no impermanent loss).

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Thank you @marko.

I would also like to add that the provide section will be going away soon. It was a temporary solution until Add V2 was ready to go.

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Thank you @Thriftinkid.

my current provided -not added (pair)- coins are being migrated in the background without user interaction, when the add v2 is fully implemented and the provide-feature will be disabled, correct?
Read so much articles the last weeks, sry if I mix something up in my head :joy:

let’s say I provided 0.5 BTC, to which coin is it paired in the liquidity-pool? or is it possible to add only one coin to the Lpool?

You can pair that btc with any other coin, but you have to provide both sides. So, if you wanted to do btc-eth, you would have to add the equivalent eth value to .5 btc. Right now you can add one sided through provide for now. But, that is going away in the next month or two.

All Add liquidity must be paired with PRV. Incognito does not support non-PRV base pairs. There is no way to create, using your example, a pBTC-pETH pair on Incognito using Add, Provide or any other function.

That’s not on the roadmap either, but perhaps that will change in the future.


You are correct @Mike_Wagner. My mistake.

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Indeed, both of you are correct @Thriftinkid and @Mike_Wagner :slight_smile: The restriction is just on the frontend, i.e. the app. RPC allows non-PRV pairs. However, to my talk with duc, it will also be disabled later.


I stand corrected. I did not know that.

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Well thats cool to know now that it’s going away lol



1.- The BTC and ETH + the earned PRV I had in “provide” will then be put on my assets, and the tab of provide will go away…??

2.- I will then have BTC and ETH, and some PRV… If I decide to “ADD” that means I would have to create a new BTC / PRV pair…?, or, it will add to the existing pair…?,

3.- What do U expect would b the average expected return %