Didn't withdraw from my node and it unstaked

Does this mean I lose the balance of coins that were on my node which was now unstaked automatically?

It is a pNode. I do not have 1750 PRV. Does the new system require that I have my own full stake?

The node wallet inside Assets tab shows the PRV that was mined before unstaking.

I have the money I mined, but it is not enough for me to stake. My internet connection is not stable enough for this to work for me. Would anyone like to buy my pNode?

No. You can still withdraw earned PRV.

No. You would only need to follow a few easy steps in the linked re-staking guide. Your pNode can be restaked with the funded 1750 PRV.

Your pNode was almost certainly in a beacon/shard stall. There have been some very recent protocol upgrades which have led to these inadvertent stalls. The stalls are easily resolved with just a few clicks. Future stalls can be mitigated using the Node Monitor tool and pNode web app.

Unless your internet is ADSL or the connection is fully saturated by downloading … uh … stuff, stuff for science :wink: … modern broadband connections are generally sufficient for 1 pNode, let alone several pNodes.

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I believe that it is ADSL or UK broadband. I have been experiencing drops and slowdowns on my other connections and that is what I thought it would be. I can go through the re-staking process and we will take it from there.

I am interested in ur pnode

Yeesh. The A in ADSL comes at the cost of limited upload bandwidth. ADSL upload bandwidth of 256kbps is unlikely to yield good results. If your ISP has a higher tier – say 786kpbs upload or greater – you’d probably be okay with some careful management. Otherwise switching to another type of service – SDSL, wISP, cable, fiber or even SpaceX Starlink – would be a better option.

DISCLAIMER: Incognito does not transfer ownership of pNodes to new owners. That means the original owner could still access the node rewards. Buyer assumes all risk.


You can check your network speeds on many websites.

Report the numbers back here and we can let you know if it should be fast enough. For privacy reasons I would not recommend posting screenshots as these will contain your personal IP address.

Is your pNode connected via Wi-Fi or directly to ethernet? Ethernet is generally more reliable of a connection.

Dependent on your internet connection I would advise the same as @Mike_Wagner and recommend you have it re-staked as it is really a simple process.

My node says online in the app and has beacon stall.

I only have ValidatorPublicKey and not ValidatorMiningPublicKey or QR Code.

Is the one address enough for the support bot to get it back running?

You need to fix your Beacon stall before your node can be eligible for re-stake. Please read over the following:

When I open the node up in the browser it doesn’t give me the portal shown in that guide. I just get a json file.

Which guide are you referring to?

The official pnode troubleshooting guide.

Did you follow this part of the guide?

When I try to log in to the node via ssh it gives me this message:

client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

Send a message to the @Support account so we can do a remote session or get you scheduled for one.