Did not receive provide rewards

@Support I did not receive my XMR assets when I withdrew it from provide. The transaction says complete.


Refresh the screen by swiping it down it will show up if it hasn’t already done so.

On the assets screen? I’ve done that several times. Not working

The ID is 6379349.

Hey @reido
Shoot a message and trans id over to @Support if you can include a screenshot of the trans it’ll help and they’ll get at it.

@Support image

Do all I do is just tag them and they’ll get the message?

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If you could send them a mail message it’s more direct. Same address just get to the mail icon next to your pic.

Same problem with PRV rewards

hi @reido,
Could you go to Settings and try “Clear balance cached”, then back to your Assets again to see if the balance updates!

Hi @reido, replied to you via DM, can you please check it out. The issue should be resolved by now.

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