Dex Aggregator Bot


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I’ve added a Dex aggregation service to my Discord bot that is currently maintained on the community Discord.

By calling either the !buy or !sell functions with the appropriate args the bot will cross reference 10 DEXes to find you the best price for your trade, even splitting up your trade, if it improves the price.

Why split up the trade?

When you make a large enough trade on a single DEX, the size of your order affects the price. The bot splits up your trade into smaller ones and spreads them across multiple DEXes to make sure you’re getting the best possible price for your trade.

Currently, 10 DEXes are supported:

  • Incognito pDex
  • 0x v3
  • Bancor
  • Curve
  • Kyber
  • Oasis
  • Uniswap v2
  • Synthetix
  • Compound
  • Chai

!sell < base currency > < quote currency >

              !buy < base currency > < quote currency >


Future development:

  • Currently testing an arb (arbitrage) service for the bot that will constantly scan the supported DEXes for arbitrage opportunities and auto post an alert into a channel on the community Discord with all of the information needed to make the arbitrage trade. So that users can take advantage of these opportunities.

As of now the arbitrage service is running in a private channel while I test it to ensure it’s not going to provide any false/bad trade opportunities. I will make the channel public as soon as I am confident it’s providing good information.

Don’t forget to join the community Discord.


[UPDATE 5] 1/3/21

  • Smart contract monitoring has been added as a service.

Incog is currently monitoring all activity from the Incognito-ETH Bridge Smart Contract.

All smart contract activity is logged in the #eth-bridge-monitor channel on the community Discord.



Can you plug in your aggregater to ? Best place to get prices in my experience and they utilize chi gas token natively


Yes. I will work on adding this ASAP!


@cusdt.eth i’d like to test this.