Devices keep disconnecting.

The app shows as fix it. Meaning that they are not connected to the internet
But both machines have been connected and I haven’t experienced any issue with other devices like ps4 and iPhone but my 2 machines keep disconnecting. This didn’t happen to me till now.

Every time my machines gets disconnected I am missing from getting rewards

I believe it is an issue with the app, but your nodes are working fine. There is a website where you can check the status of your nodes if you do a quick search on the forum. You also might want to go through your router to see if they are connected to it.


@Thriftinkid Thanks for jumping on this one :muscle:

Like @Thriftinkid mentioned this is an issue with the app itself where sometimes it says “fix it” but your node is fine.

Heres the tool he was referring to.

You can use that to see the status of your node/s.


Per @Jamie

It is not as clear when there is an issue with a node.

I agree with the previous statements that you can ignore the fix-it button. My pNode says it :100: but earns nonetheless