Development of Web wallets

I hope progress is still being made on this. I fear a phone call from any number of federal agencies to Apple can easily make them remove the Incognito app from the App Store. Then all those users would have no way to access their wallet, right?

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There are actually a couple other web wallets that you can technically use.
Also a desktop wallet

But yes the more the better. We don’t want the phone to be the only way to access Incognito. I also hope for more progress. We got many people in the community working on bringing Incognito to the masses.


You can always install the app manually, without using the store.
You can also use the android App with a Windows/Linux PC using an android emulator. For example in windows I use “memu” for many android apps.
There are many apps which features are available only for smartphones/tablets. Like some cheap office/scanning apps (like camscanner) or some graphics apps, and games of course. I’m using also this solution…


You can even put the Android VM generated by memu inside an encrypted partition (or an encrypted VHD file mounted as partition) using BitLocker. You can create an hardlink for the memu VM image, from the encrypted disk to the default memu path.
So to access your encrypted incognito vault, you mount the VHD first, inserting the password, then open memu and you can access all your sensitive apps, like Incognito.

Also for the other apps that will come (desktop client and browser), even when there will be the hardware wallet integration, to protect your data (eg. browser client side), you can create an encrypted VM to use for crypto stuff. This is also interesting because you can backup the VM in a faster way and also open the VM from different systems without leaving traces. And use the Android wallet (or less secure solutions) only for day use.