Development Analysis Report For Incognito

Hey Guys,

My name is Gaurav and we run Coinmonks and CoinCodeCap.

At CoinCodeCap we track crypto based on their Github activity. (We also track other crypto products). We recently listed Incognito and surprise surprise it is ranked 3rd for its development activity.

Though our ranking algorithm consider some important metrics but do not go in-depth to understand the development activity of a project. So we propose an in-depth development analysis report, where we will provide a data-driven report for Incognito development activity.

Example - Development analysis of the Fantom Project

What will Incognito get?

A development analysis report in 15 days of payment.

Why Incognito need this report?
We at CoinCodeCap help communities to show the development efforts of a project using data. This report will strengthen the belief of the Incognito community in the project and can be used to attract new investors in the community.

How we will distribute the report?

  • We will distribute this report through our Coinmonks and CoinCodeCap newsletter which has 12k subscribers combined.

  • In addition, we also provide a link for development reports in our APIs. So anyone using our APIs can show the report.

We will also distribute these reports through our social media.

Price - $499 (Discounted) ~ 1150 PRV (based on price recorded on 9/04/2020 )
BTC address - 3PXCGjjxUvQDrBLUoeay7X3aVE29Fv4vaK


Apart from whether or not this is approved, we may need a little more information to confirm you are who you say you are. @duy


Ping me on Twitter Coinmonks or CoinCodeCap.

I will confirm it. Or Admin can check my email in my account.

Hey Guys,

Any update on the proposal?

Let me add how the report will be helpful to the Incognito.

Promise made, Promise Kept

  • We already know a lot of token projects raised money (from the public) and then didn’t deliver what they promised. We analyzed thousands of token projects to showcase this. Our report will be helpful to measure how much development efforts you are putting into the project.

Fiduciary duty

  • Whenever a company gets listed on a public exchange, it’s the company’s (and exchange) fiduciary duty to provide all the information about the company to potential investors. This is a regulatory requirement. Currently, the crypto market is self-regulating itself, we think token projects also have a fiduciary duty to help people to understand every aspect of the project. Third parties like us are helpful in that. We will provide a data-driven report which can be used to understand the development effort of the project. These reports can be shared with exchanges, media, community, and potential investors to provide a perspective on Incognito’s development activities.

Let me know what you guys think? If you have any questions, please comment.

Any update on this guys?

@andrey, tagging this for visibility

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hey mate!
I moved it to the DAO proposals.

Let me share couple of clarifications:

If this proposal get funded, you will receive funds after the work is done or in the end of the month of the proposals deadline.

Could you please recalculate the payment in PRV equivalent. Since Incognito DAO doesn’t keep BTC.

Let us know once it’s updated and we will proceed with it to DAO and voting.

We will start working on the report as soon as we will get the payment.

Based on today’s price $499 = ~1150 PRV (though there can be a price fluctuation in either way)

I have updated the price in PRV in the original proposal.

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Sorry @coincodecap for the slow update. We took a look at your proposal and decided that we just can’t fund this yet. Your proposal only got 1/5 votes. The feedback is that we are very unsure of how this report can contribute to the growth of Incognito in any way, such as how many more wallet downloads or node operations or shielded transactions. The development effort of a project can also found easily on github analytics.