DERO šŸŒ‰ Bridge to Incognito. (Partnership)

Dero is a privacy smart contract platform on a hybrid blockDAG. Like if Monero and Fantom had a baby.

They are about to launch mainet and its going to be sexy. Incognito with Pdex would be a great partnership.

Iā€™d add a bridge to incognito myself but I dont code


Could we also add a bridge to PirateChain? Dero, pirate chain all the freedom covenant coins.


Iā€™d be keen. If its a case of contributing some PRV into making it happen count me in for:

ARRR & Wownero.


@SPAddict25 @JoyRaptor,

Do either of you have a contact at ARRR? If we have a contact we can discuss a partnership with them. We are always open to partnerships, especially with projects related to privacy.

Please also see my reply here:

A mate of mine got in touch with ARRR and forwarded your message to a guy called Draeth who looks after partnerships. Contact email below:

[email protected]

Okay perfect, thank you.