[DEPRECATED] prv.shopping

To test what kind of marketplace the community wants, I have a new site for people to test out. (Unless someone knows how to do embedded forms here.)


There are a lot of questions about what this next step should look like:

  • How open or anonymous should a vendor/seller be?
  • Should PRV be cryptocurrency as well as a utility token?
  • How can buyers be confident they are buying from legitimate sources?
  • How do sellers associate orders with transactions?
  • Do sellers and buyers need ratings, a la eBay to create trust in an anonymous environment?
  • If a seller promises to not keep your shipping information/contact info/etc. how do you believe them?

Honestly, I don’t have answers. So I made this as a launch point. Let’s find the next step together and maybe do a little shopping.

Some prv.shopping details:

  • I am not selling anything, just hosting a place for people with products/services to be able to buy/sell on the incognito chain. If you want to add something there, reach out.
  • Buyers pay sellers directly.
  • I am charging a commission on sales (no listing fees) as a first-round experiment. Is this exciting enough to develop? We’ll see. Ultimately, I think a mature solution could possibly be funded by the community via Builder Rewards.
  • This is all a beta, it’s clunky and new. It will be improved by feedback.

Interesting, I wanted to make a site like this. Hopefully this could bring in a lot of traffic and money.


I’m receiving lots of interesting feedback, which great thank you! Thus far I’ve received thoughts on tokens, vendor trust ratings, and a new vendor request.

I will be using this space to try and gather some community feedback. I’ll have some polls over the next couple of weeks to help gather data on various topics.

Poll 0: For a marketplace, the primary token should be:

  • PRV
  • pStablecoin
  • pBTC

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I know the right answer is any pToken, but that is beyond my capabilities right now.


The entire point, even in the domain address, is shopping with PRV. If that is not the main payment focus, then I guess I don’t understand the point. PRV is the obvious main payment it should accept with anything else as a bonus to offer as additional options.

There are plenty of places to buy product using crypt, and plenty of gateway companies that will make that easy with api. What the community needs is PRV versions of these…with a PRV payment gateway.

And that is the primary hold up for most developers on here with payment options…the public code release of a payment gateway for PRV. With that, you will see many new ideas and websites launched in support of Incognito.

Think ebay/amazon/classified site whatever…but main payment is through PRV as main focus.

Let me know if you want to chat in a PM about this.

Sorry, just my 2 cents. Plus, I voted.


Thanks for voting! Please don’t apologize for giving the feedback I explicitly asked for.

Now that I have a MVP up and (as you pointed out) put prv in the name I realized there is a valid use case for not using prv as the main:

  • Stablecoins require no math for value (ok this shirt costs 30 USDT is simpler than 30PRV which right now is .993 so this is actually $29.79 USD)
  • This keeps PRV as a utility token

Yep a payment gateway will change the game.

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For this site, would merch for things NOT directly related to Incognito be welcome? As an example, I was hoping to sell merch for my YouTube channel, and I had considered going the eBay route, but I would prefer this if it’s an option.


Yes absolutely!


I think having PRV as main payment gateway is fine, and would bring more value to investors as it increases the utility and therefore demand of PRV.

I would also say, I don’t think the entire point is to use PRV… but rather use a “privacy token”… .that could be PRV or pToken… that IMHO is the whole point of Incognito… you can use our existing crypto, privately… you don’t knave to use PRV to have anonymity, you can use any pToken… so whether it is PRV or pStablecoin or pBTC… as long as it is “p” it is hitting the point IMO.

With that said, I voted for pStablecoin, but it really wouldn’t matter for me what coin it was, as long as it was private.


Alrighty then! I guess I’m off to go design some merch! Might be…quite a while…I only have 29 subscribers…


Ok ok…my bad…I voted for PRV for well I was thinking…hey perfect opportunity for greater use of PRV and therefore greater demand for PRV…and therefore perhaps greater price increase for PRV…but did not consider the price fluctuation of PRV that would then would affect the amount of fiat that would then be needed to cover the price of the item of interest that person would considering buying…sooo with that in mind I see what Doc was pointing out that perhaps a pStablecoin might be best for well the stablecoin hopefully would retain a constant value that would make transacting at the store easier…but it need not just stablecoin but pStablecoin…for well it means that person shielded coin and therefore is working with our network…if I am understanding this right… :upside_down_face:

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I think its use case specific, not a right or wrong kind of thing. If the value of something is volatile, that adds a layer of complexity to setting a price on something that you’ve paid a fixed amount to produce.

Definitely the key is an on chain experience, regardless of coin. Sellers at prv.shopping can choose which currencies they accept.


you can refer to some anonymous marketplace pages here to develop your product further : https://disboard.org/server/735304954352369675


Thanks for the link!

Incognito pay looks to be part of app v4, if this is the case, I will put some energy into revamping prv.shopping to be a more automated solution.


It’s great to know that we have a shopping page based on PRV coin

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Could this be integrated directly into the app, maybe under Community?

This certainly could be, but I wouldn’t just yet.

  • Incognito pay would need to be available for automation
  • The site doesn’t have a lot of traffic or vendors at present

I’m taking this offline due to lack of interest/time.