Deposit timeout

When depositing BTC there is 2 hours timer for how long the transaction can be confirmed. i saw some threads on this forum that users said that it timed out for them and then someone from support quickly helped them to see the funds.
I’m just curious how can this be decentralized if the support team can manually credit funds into the account?

does it also mean support can freeze accounts or disabled withdrawals?

will be happy to get some clarification


Depositing is usually the easy part. Getting your funds back is another story. Constant errors no matter how small or large the amount is to withdraw. I’ve tried combinations of $100 - $1000 usd worth at a time but no luck, just same error over and over again. I’m curious to see others experience.

Welcome to the forum. Great question and one I don’t think I understand well enough to answer.

“This” is a bit of a vague term. There is a lot involved, and I don’t think it is stated anywhere the project is 100% decentralized in every aspect. Nonetheless, being as decentralized as possible is what the project team is aiming for.

There are more than a few posts that describe things in more detail. You will find them by using the search function of this forum.


I’m having this problem. I tried a small amount, just 1mBTC. The incognito app says timed out, and when I click retry, it just times out again. The BTC transaction shows uncomfirmed in my BTC wallet.

Welcome to the community @Inaro…at to your trade you can create a DM to @Support to have them look into it but from my experience and the fact that the BTC blockchain has been very busy since this past weekend and the mini crash that BTC’s price experienced I would just hold on and not panic the trade is most likely still being worked on by the system and therefore the lag in the confirmation process… :sunglasses:

If the BTC transaction is unconfirmed you need to wait for block confirmations before you can retry the transaction. An unconfirmed bitcoin transaction is simply “pending” in what’s called a mempool. Bitcoin blockchain transactions are processed basically based on the highest fee paid to the miners. Right now fees are as high as I’ve seen on bitcoin in several years so either increase the fee or wait for now. :slight_smile:

The problem on not on incognito’s side until it shows confirmed on the blockchain. :slight_smile: Cheers mate.

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Thank you @marko for well explaining and putting it in better words than I did…thanks mate once more… :blush: :sunglasses:


So once the transaction is confirmed in BTC, I can just hit retry and it should go through?

Yes. It not only ‘should’ go through but will go through :slight_smile:

If you have the transaction ID you can check on a block explorer like which will tell you where you are in the order based on the fee paid. If you’re near the front of the list, it should be confirmed soon. That said, the fee for bitcoin is high right now relative to past history (not compared to ethereum haha).