Deliver cool visuals to Incognito Wallet UI & branding materials

What problem are you solving?

Incognito is still in its infancy, there are tons of things to improve to make the UX better, and UI plays an critical role in it. Besides, branding materials are also important to deliver the message Incognito wants to communicate.

What is the solution?

Therefore, the focus to making those UIs & branding materials better will greatly improve UX, which will result in better retention rate, higher adoption, and the value of the project will go up. The more people use Incognito’s solution, the more valuable the project becomes.

Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

Without decent design:

  • Poor app UI will lead to poor UX
  • Inefficient marketing effort, CTR would be very low.

Who are you?

A senior graphics designer @tuyen , along with a very skilled UI designer @AnhTu

Why do you care?

Realizing the importance of UI to users’ experience, we believe that bringing to users the visuals they love will be the best use cases of our skill sets.

What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Deliver app feature UI update on time, keep on improving the current UI from Feb 1 till the end of July.

What’s your budget?

Resource Price Quantity Monthly cost
Graphics designer 1,000 PRV 1 1,000 PRV
App UI designer 1,000 PRV 1 1,000 PRV
Subtotal 2,000 PRV
Total (6 months) 12,000 PRV

Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

There has already been a discussion about this topic. Please find it here New version of Incognito App: More intuitive, more convenient.

Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Let us know what you think of our coming UI updates in the future, we’ll be there to listen and improve.


@tuyen please update us on the February progress. This is already funded so I’ve moved to “work in progress” category.

P.s: I personally like the new UI. Good job!


We delivered the UI for the new homepage. Will work to update & make the UI UX better for the users. Please update your Incognito Wallet to try out our new UI.

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Thank you @tuyen for the update. Funds for Feb have been disbursed. Please keep us updated!

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Last week, we made:

Todolist this week:

  • New app UI update for Buy PRV, fix current UI errors, new welcome Splash screens by @AnhTu
  • New loading screen by @tuyen

Last week we finished:

To-do this week:

  • Node Setup Guide.
  • App-opening loading screen.
  • Feedback feature in-app

Good Job Tuyen!


Hey @tuyen, any progress since the past week ?


Last week we finished:

Node setup screens

In-app feedback for users:

This week:

  • Staking UI
  • Price chart for pDEX
  • Import/Create new wallet for first time installers (After the flash screens)

wow. this looks delicious. not only you guys remove the unnecessary details (less is better), but you guys selectively add some really helpful information/visual to make the node setup process more intuitive.

when will this ui/ux update be rolled out? thanks!

cc @henry @ning @binh

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These new UIs will be live on Wednesday. We are on the final stage of the QC process.


Hey everyone,

**Last week (23-27 March) we finished

  • Announcement picture for CND, Bibox, pBTC, BOA

This week:

  • Finishing staking UI
  • Web Wallet
  • Refactor UI/UX for the whole app

This is awesome, I love this addition. I think all new users will, too.

It’s perfect that you’re adding these into the app now. Very useful. For more advanced users, is it possible to add in a link/button for ?

Also, there has been discussion about this on Telegram - is it possible to see a live status somewhere for how many Nodes are in the network?

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Hey @annguyen
I guess there was many more things done, would you mind to share more ?

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Sure, there are some screenshots that we have completed so far for the Staking UI/UX. Feel free to leave the comments below


hey, i see there’s a new proposal for this that focuses on ux for April - so closing out this one and moving it to archive.