Delay with withdraw

I withdrew PRV on 20.09 and still funds dont arrive.
Can i get some support please?

Hello @Xentric,

Provide withdrawals can take up to 3 days to process. Please continue to wait a short time longer.

Im already waiting more than 80 hours today at 3pm will be the 4th day

I apologize, I miss spoke. With the backlog of withdraws happening and due to physically running vNodes being required to un-stake, provide withdrawals can take up to 5 days to process. The app will be updated soon to reflect this.

Please also send a ticket to the @ support account with your withdraw ID so they can check if it is stuck for some reason.

Thanks for the information and hopefully time can be fixed as it raise many concerns.

Yes I understand. Hopefully the next app update will include this information. I have escalated it to the devs.

Sorry for the delay, thank you for understanding.

Hello Jared,
I face some withdrawals problem again.
5 days passed and cant withdraw my xmr (monero)

Please open a support ticket by contacting @Support