Is the team looking into adding the PDEX to the DEFI PULSE ranking site?

This could bring some more awareness to Incognito :fire:


Yep we do chat with Scott_l | DeFi Pulse founder since may. Same feedback as from CMC and Coingecko :slight_smile:

We have submitted application to all existed ratings and listings, but I think we should change the strategy on how we do it. I do suggest to organize a group with active members of our community and all-together approaching listings and you-tubers one by one.

@Ducky maybe you can help us to kick start it and coordinate activity?


Yaa I would love to do it Andrey! We definitely can not do it alone. It would be best if there’re some active community members who will help us to tackle these stuff.

Anyone…who volunteers for joining in this activity, do let me know by DM. :wink:


I’m in :vulcan_salute: I do not know what we will do but I’m ready. You can contact me via DM :joy:

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lol! so fast :raised_hands: Thanks in advance!
I will make a calling topic for this stuff and tag you in :slight_smile:

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I’ve sent you a dm :smiley:

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Received your DM @Nubex :slight_smile:

Reply sent Ms Ducky… :sunglasses:

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I’m in as well :grin: If it’s not to late yet?

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i made a group on telegram @incognitorebels just for marketing purpose.
who wanna join if free to do so. If admins of incognito want ownership i can give no problem @andrey, same with admin rights.
if we do marketing together they have to listen to a community voice not just to a single one.
That’s the strenght of a community!


Has anyone checked this out…someone came into the Telegram Incognito chat room and posted this…image

I checked it out…seems like a Walmart or Amazon site when it comes to All things DeFi related…pretty sharp… :sunglasses:

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Has there been any headway made on this front?

What’s holding is back from being listed?

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DM sent.

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There is a dedicated channel on the community Discord dedicated to #prv-marketing . It can be used for some of us to coordinate efforts?

I would also like to know