DeFi Layer 2 to kill high gas fees?

Could layer 2 kill defi airdrops? if layer 2 solution reduces fees from “$1” to “0.03” for example 97%, hypothetically, does anyone see the lack of fees killing DeFi Airdrops? or is airdrop too necessary for dex’s with no token yet to disperse tokens while avoiding SEX/fincen attacks for selling tokens?

I don’t think there is any way to know this. Awarding tokens is mostly done imho to create value out of nothing. For some strange unpredictable phenomenon, people in 2020 preferred to get paid in a ‘worthless’ governance token than in a token associated with known value like BTC/ETH/stablecoin. Compound started it and things went crazy, to the surprise of everyone.

Some have a theory that decentralized governance will avoid some regulators but I don’t know—if there is a non-anon team in the USA or some country with similar regulations, the regulators will probably pay you a visit at some point.

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