DeFi group on Telegram!

Hey guys! Very simple and powerful IDEA :bulb: which could help us to grow Incognito Community.

Can you guys join this group

And each time when someone talk about privacy, DEX, smart-contracts, just jump in and share your opinion about how Incognito brings privacy to ethereum ecosystem.

We have enough products to be proud about:

We can double Incognito community if at least 10 ppl will be active on

It will be a fantastic precedent, when we work together outside of

Lets rock it :rocket:


This is a great idea BUT I will only spread the news and bring others in once the app has a warning message on low liquidity pools. I don’t want others to lose money due to low liquidity like I did. Until this is implemented I can’t recommend others to this project.

We do have a lot of awesome features to bring people in though! We should be really proud about our small but quickly growing community.


I agree. The app needs to change some things, and I know it’s doing it. Maybe wait at least until this version of the app goes live. People that want to do tutorials for new users also seem to be waiting for that.
I’ll definitely tell everyone about Incognito when the app becomes more user friendly.


hey, @Jared @J053 regarding the DEX I have no argue, the work is going on there and nothing to add.

My point is that while the DEX is under development we already have working shielding/unshielded mechanism for ETH and ERC20 which nobody on the market has.

No need to promote PRV or DEX, just spread ideas of privacy.


I’m in


I’ve turned some people on to incognito and they have become stakers and purchased nodes.

I’m excited for pdex and the app update.

Only missing piece is a hardware wallet access, which I know can take a while.

Once app improvements and pkyber come online I can do more.