[Defeated] First of Its Name: Trading page should be re-added to Network Explorer.

Hey fellows,

Here is the first governance proposal of Incognito DAO:

Trading page does not exist in Network Explorer for 1 month or so and I request it to be re-implemented. Please vote for it.




This is a good move👏 @abduraman

Meanwhile, I personally can’t support/ not support the proposal.

The main concern is, the Dao doesn’t have such simple recognition as set of rules - let’s call it The Charter or so.

These rules can help everyone participating in the dao understand the process, the results, the consequences, etc

For instance, what about a quorum? How many votes should use have if to decide whether the decision is valid or not after voting?

It’s just a beginning - we have a lot to do with the dao mindset

As I wrote on Telegram, the team has announced the details: (https://twitter.com/incognitochain/status/1619363788842754051):

Proposal Fee: 100 PRV
Quorum: 20,000 PRV


My proposal has earned another “The First of Its Name” badge: The First Defeated Proposal :rofl:

So we won’t have any trading page in Network Explorer :rofl:

Don’t worry. You can always raise this issue again once more users are accustomed to voting on the Incognito DAO page. :raised_hands:

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