Decimal place is off in PRV value when trading

Incognito screenshot

Hi Incognito Team,

  1. If you see attached screenshot, it shows I made a trade to buy 0.00386 PRV by selling 0.01ETH. The preview order screen before (don’t have it attached, didn’t take a screenshot) showed I’d be getting 3.86 PRV, which is the correct value. At time of writing 0.01 ETH is about $3.90-4. 1 PRV is $1.08. So getting 3.86PRV for 0.01ETH sounds correct. Looks like the decimal place is off for the buy value of PRV in the screenshot.

  2. After the trade went through, I received 3.66PRV, which is not exactly 3.86 PRV. Thoughts on why? (Note: The 3.66PRV value is after I supplied liquidity to get PRV interest, so not sure if the transaction fee to supply liquidity is the reason for the difference. I don’t think the transaction fee was high enough to cover the difference)

May you help with the two points above?


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Your trade if filled by an automated market maker so in order to get the best price you’ll need to pay a higher fee so the network processes your transaction first. It’s like if you’re using Uniswap and you don’t pay enough of a gas fee and you get more of a slippage or your order just doesn’t get filled if you don’t pay enough for gas. I’ve had that happen a few times when being cheap on the fee. You probably just got a bit more of a slippage then was expected on your order from other people getting there orders filled first.

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Are you allowed to adjust the fee so that I can pay a higher fee and avoid slippage? I didn’t see an option like Metamask for adjusting gas in the Incognito mobile app.

Also, that still doesn’t explain the magnitude of difference from receiving 3.66PRV versus the transaction showing that I’m buying 0.00386 PRV. Can slippage be that great of a magnitude? (i.e., a factor of 100, two decimal places).

I believe that you can adjust the transaction fee. I don’t think the slippage would be that much. Incognito also has a bunch of videos on there YouTube channel Incognito chain.

Got it, thanks.

I can’t replicate the digit separator issue you mention. Can you check you are using version 3.8.2 of the wallet app?

If you are using 3.8.2 already, can you provide:

  • device you are using
  • version of the os you have installed

When you trade you get the amount of coins stated in the screen, hence the text “Buy at least”. There are no fees, other than network fees, involved with trades performed on Incognito exchange. You can not influence priority by increasing the fee.

If the order can’t be filled, it will show up as unsuccessful and the coins you wanted to trade return to your account. This can happen when other trades went through before yours, resulting in a rate that no longer meets your orders requirements.


Hi Jamie,

I’m using v3.8.2. I can’t replicate the digital separator issue. I made another trade and the values lined up properly. Wondering if it only happens if you trade very small amounts. Will let you now if this happens again.