Day 15 still not unstaked

Still not unstaked

Node unstaking can take a while, it has always been like this. I’d also like to mention that currently 206 nodes are being unstaked at the moment.

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At this rate getting my vnode up and running would be easier

During the time of this frozen prv pstake, some others are playing with USDC and are trying to devaluate prv more and more to scritch all crypto they can. Tell me if i"m wrong. I’m a little bit disappointed. I dream you find a solution fastly. Time is the ennemy.

I believe the recent pull out was because investors got scared and lost a little confidence in the network after: Liquidity rewards program v2

Overall, since the Incognito devs were responsive about the situation, and read through our suggestions, I think things will be changing for the better. I don’t see any reason to cash out of the platform especially if it’s on it’s way to improving. I see this as an incredible opportunity to get PRV at a discounted price.

After the improvements, I believe the platform will be incredibly stable bringing in a lot more investors, raising the price of PRV significantly. So if you believe in the devs and the community’s vision, it’s a good time to double down.

That’s just my personal opinion though.


@Revolve, of course there still can get a happy ending. I still hope. I like very much Incognito’s spirit. But i doubt a little too…

I see it this way, If I’m a part of the community and have influence over the direction of the platform, the safest place for me to put my money, is on the platform. If I lose money, that’s on me. If I gain money, that’s also on me. In modern day ‘financial’ investments, you rarely get that. Investments on that tier are things like, college investments, or business startup investments. The risk can be mitigated if you do the work necessary to succeed. I rather have my money backed on the value that I can provide, then arbitrary swings.

So if I’m invested in the platform, I’m going to do what it takes to make it succeed…
You know, except for sacrificing my morals and what not. Not about that life.

That’s personally why I’m invested in Incognito.


Definetly agree with your words and statement in that last post Revolve… :sunglasses: :100: