Dark mode

I still use incognito as a flashlight at night. When will I be able to simply invert the blacks and whites?

I have tried third party apps but I have to redo things every reboot

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Hard to stay Incognito when you’re forced to rock the all white mode, eh?



I second this notion. My eyes are good but this app is so blinding I only do what’s absolutely required of me and jet. The longer you have users engaged with your product, the better!

possible self-fix for some android-users:

settings -> Display -> Dark Mode -> Manage apps in dark mode -> force for incognito wallet

tested on oneplus 7 pro - android11
likely available on other phones as well… but y’know… android settings and standardization don’t work very well together


It’s very unpleasant the white hurts the eyes.
I solved the problem by inverting the colors with app cloner

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