Customize Shielding Time Frame

The shielding time frame has been increased to two hours. With the congestion of the network, and usability for deposits that will undoubtedly take 1 or more business days to complete, I think that my idea is a reasonable change, just slightly in the shielding process.

On the shielding page, the user selects-create new shielding address. At that time it auto pops up with 2 hours, then the user has the choice to select 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 days for this address to be usable.
The user clicks on a popup that warns about privacy stuff and to accept responsibility.
I like 7 days cause that covers a lot of bases without being ridiculous, but it also allows the user to assume responsibility but get better usability out of it.

One step further would be to auto update certain contacts with the newer address as well.
So you could have someone who pays you regularly to be set in stone that you trust, that you can revoke at any time, with your auto resetting wallet address.


I’ve always wondered why the address isn’t permanent until it receives a deposit, then it can switch to a new address.


Hi @Jerry_Watson & @marko, let’s join this topic to discuss further: Help us find a better way to shield ETH/ERC-20 assets