Custom Tokens not Showing Price in the Wallet

Why is incognito custom-tokens not showing price in the wallet even when it is listed and has gotten verified ticker?

I think it’s not supposed to be so. On other network and pDEX, @Support immediately a token has gotten liquidity no matter how small or big it’s liquidity pool is, the current price of the token will be shown for buyers and investors to see!

Please, why is it like that or it’s am error somewhere?

@Jared I don’t understand this your 3 - 4 hours message again.

No response from the devs since. Please, if you want us to build this community together, there must be quick response from you people.

You’re just delaying my project when you didn’t answer my query on time!

Please, let’s know if we welcome other builders into incognito community or not?

Time is life it’s not meant to be wasted!

Why does getting quick response from @Support and developers team getting too long this day? This is highly disturbing and can have bad effect on the community!

Where are the @Support ?

@duc please, can you check this out?

Since my question pass the knowledge of @Jared

@khanhj where are you, sir?


I have already relayed your support ticket (mirror of this forum post) to the appropriate devs. When I have a reply I will let you know. Devs are extremely busy working on pDEX v3.


Still waiting for their response, but I thinkthe response time is becoming longer than before!

Still waiting patiently, for rectification of this issue. @Support @elvis.p