Current Node Operator Earnings

I dont know my exact numbers, but I am definitely seeing a higher “Pending” epoch number after earning. some situations high 60s, something i had not seen before. Pretty sure I am earning less than a couple of months ago.

This is by design and as expected. As the number of nodes increases on the network the rate at which nodes earn decreases.

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About that…

Reduce fixed node dominance from 45% to 34%

When? It was originally scheduled for May this year. :wink:


Yeah @Jared we’re addicted to the purring sound of PRV reward printing now that central banks are doing QT.

Brrrrrrrrrrr ahh. What a wonderful sound.


I’ve started to see earning increases since the block time reduction change. My earning per week has been up despite new nodes being added. This past week was very good, I did 92% in calculated APR. I’m not sure if this is due to some change I missed (forgot about), beacons operating better, or other node operators having problems?

Too bad the crypto market and $/PRV is dropping like a brick, making the $/month per node hit an all time low.


Happy holidays everyone!

One year has now passed since I started recording earnings in detail. It has been a rocky year for crypto (and many parts of the world). $/BTC effectively fell by 66%, but $/PRV beat that by falling over 80%. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you staked a node a year ago, you had to pay $1767. That stake is unfortunately only worth $305 today. Over the year, your node did however make PRV equivalent of $604. All in all, you lost $858 (-48%). What does that mean? It means you gotta keep running that node! :relaxed:

Now for the good news. The validator network grew by 63% this year, and the Incognito team has been working hard on implementing new features across the board. One thing that has always been important to me is the reliability of decentralization, and we’re definitely moving in the right direction. The most recent change to fixed node dominance is one example. It also has the added benefit of rewarding us node operators. After just a couple of days, I’ve already started seeing an upward earnings trend. It’s not reflected in the statistics yet, but at the start of next year, I will be posting higher numbers again! :partying_face:


Nice post thank you… When u say there is an added benefit to nose operators can you tell me what have you noticed differently

The latest change kept the committee size to 48 slots but reduced the number of fixed nodes from 22 to 16. This means that in every round, an additional 6 slots will be taken from the validator queue instead. What I noticed on my end is that the epoch number displayed by the node monitor decreases, on average, every 1h40m. Resulting in your nodes being in committee more often and ultimately earning more.

At the same time, the number of validators keeps increasing, resulting in lower gains. But so far it’s a hunch that January will be better. I might be wrong. The random distribution of my nodes makes my total earnings very uneven, so it’s hard to tell from day to day. Give me a couple of weeks, and I’ll let you know… :grin:

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Ok thanks bro I appreciate you

March 28, 2022

I’m up to 30.59 PRV/week, that means the 1750 PRV for a node is doubled in 57 weeks giving us 91% APR!!!

Wait, what? Why 57 weeks?

1 year = 52.17 weeks

52.17 * 30.59 = 1595 per year (fluid estimate)

That’s about 91% APR.

So I guess you were thinking 52 weeks, but wrote 57?

Updated in December:

Dec 2022

Active Validators: 3314
PRV/WEEK: 25.10
APR: 75%

Sorry, I mixed two pieces of information in there, which made it a confusing sentence.

30.59 PRV/week is 91% APR, yes.
To double your 1750 PRV investment, you need a 100% increase, which was 57 weeks at the time of writing. I should have just left that part out. :relaxed:

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Having re-read the original post, I now see MY error.

I totally did not catch the “PRV for a node is doubled in 57 weeks” clause…

You, sir, should be an attorney. :wink:

Not sure what happened to, but it’s not remembering things correctly. It now says we had 3143 validators in January. According to my records, it was closer to 3600-4500, depending on if you take the first or last day of the month because it was a really good growth period.

February is off even more, the site says 3090, but we had closer to 4600-4700 validators.

Anywho, we seem to have landed around 50% APR for the past two months. In $ or BTC per month, it’s quite bad at the moment. It has pushed my break-even date to next year. :grimacing:

My data shows the same thing as yours. I pinged a dev to see if we can get that corrected.

Just curious, do you roll your rewards into more nodes, put into provide or swap to alternative crypto? I don’t calculate ROI since I just roll all back into nodes.


I roll everything into new nodes. But I know how much BTC I exchanged into PRV from the start. So my break even is when the PRV value of all my nodes is above my initial investment. I’m ignoring running cost and hardware purchases.

Unfortunately because PRV lost so much value since I started and have not yet turned around, I’m quite far off.


Hi fredlee…I don’t post as much as I used to…but I will share this…my 3 pnodes I own I call them my 3 angels…which I have owned for a few years now…I absolutely adore them…even with the price fluctuations going on in the crypto verse…I can say my angels have paid themselves off and then some over the years…I have mined Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins…but it is this community…the devs, the team, everything about the incognito community that is where the true value is and the diamond of all it is…it is the people here…it was a rough start for a minute at the beginning of this project…but the growth, the support, the vision…it is amazing…stay loyal to the project your investment will pay itself and then some in the long run…I feel privileged to be part of this project and honored because these guys and ladies are priceless…they truly are…I have seen projects come and go…we all have seen the news…everything from Kwon with TerraUSD and that meltdown, to 3AC, To Voyager and BlockFi, to Friedman and FTX…this past year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, Bankruptcy and thefts…and well here this small quiet and dedicated project has chugged along and worked this project and grown it and today it is what it is…a truly wonderful project…not perfect but hey compared to the nightmares that have been taking place out there in the crypto verse… this community is truly a gem… and these lil pnodes…mannnn…I call them my angels…3 angels…they are still going strong…and that I thank and credit this community for having created something truly…amazing and positive… the point is…keep the faith and you will be happy in the end…I am…and hey @Jared it is good to see you…hope all is well there…ok nuff said…I am outta here…peace… :sunglasses:


Great topic, thanks for the earnings tracking.
Are there news about the earnings in April and the first weeks of May?

Sure, I keep tracking, but I slacked a bit on updating this post. Done it now, node count keeps quite steady, and also APR. PRV keeps dropping in value quicker than you can compound earnings tho. Now down to a painful $11/month. :grimacing:


I really appreciate you keeping this post updated @fredlee - Many thanks. :pray:

Hey @Josh_Hamon,

As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Nito Bot on Telegram.

I’ve noticed for quite some time now that when I run the /network command, Nito bot returns the following:

“… I’m unable to get the total number of validators at this time.”

I’m not sure if that’s because the data is no longer available via API call or some other reason. But as a stop gap, could you please manually provide the figure that @fredlee provides each month as I feel it’s better to have some figure then no figure at all.

Your thoughts Josh?

P.S. For those NEW to the community and are running a Validator Node but have not heard about Nito Bot, it is an amazing tool created by Josh and it is the best way to track your validator node’s earnings via Telegram.
Learn more here - Nito FAQ (Telegram Bot)