Creating new coin

Which wallet should contain funding prv to create a coin?

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I believe whatever wallet you have currently selected, however I could be wrong about this.


Hey @Buy-uplexa-coin, you can choose to contain your funds in any wallet you wants, it doesn’t affect on the Mint a coin functionality.
Thanks @Revolve for your quick response :wink:

Thanks… not my question though… when trying to create a coin. It said I had no prv to fund it… it’s a struggle

Also… when add a photo to the coin it’s near impossible to find a pic that works. Could you turn that off as a button feature? Or implement a mechanism that allows you to use any photo and modifies it for us?

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Hi @Buy-uplexa-coin
You have to have some PRV to create a private token.
About the issue with adding image, please try again and provide this information:
1/ Your app version
2/ Your device information + OS version
3/ A screenshot of the error message you have

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