Core dev wishlist

Build what Incognito needs

Want to build for Incognito? Not sure where to start? Here’s a list of products and features we’d love to have but lack the resources to tackle. This wishlist briefly details what the core dev team feels will best support core development and help the project grow. All of these expand on and support the initiatives laid out in the core dev 2020 roadmap.

Want to go your own way? You don’t need to follow this list in order to participate in the Builder Rewards program. You are always free to build in the way you deem best for the project.

Core dev wishlist

Product Description & Available resources Purpose
Web wallet A web version for wallet tab on incognito wallet app Allow crypto community to send/receive crypto anonymously on a web platform.
Web pDEX A web version for Trade on incognito wallet app with features such as executing trades, and adding or removing liquidity Allow incognito users to trade anonymously on web.
P2P trading or Local Incognito An exchange website that help user trade privacy coin directly.
Incognito Pay A tool help user pay privacy coin easily. For example auto fill payment address and amount by scanning QR code
Incognito Payroll Send to multiple accounts with one click The core team has already started work on the backend. Frontend and marketing support needed.
pAuction Crypto auction when transactions remain confidential
Stable Coin Stable coin with privacy on default
Lending/borrowing A privacy platform for lending and borrowing, or integration with existed trough pEthereum technology


The Builder Rewards initiative is not a bounty program, or an outsourcing effort. Builders have full ownership and control over what they create – from the first line of code to launch, and beyond. Open-source is always preferred, but not required. Your product, your rules.