Convy - Your personal Incognito Helper Bot

Convy - The incogito convert helper

Hi everyone,

This is my first product. I was often looking for the FIAT prices etc. while trading or unshielding in order to know if I get a good deal or simply to find arbitrage opportunities.

As you might know it is quite a hassle to move forward and backward all the time in order to convert these things. Thus I came up with this helper app, especially for use within the Incognito ecosystem.

I suggest you to watch the videos in order to get an idea about the workflow :blush:


Convy is respecting your privacy 100%. It does only connect to the internet in order to get actual price data for BTC, ETH and PRV. The amount itself, which you want to convert is never transmitted. All currency conversion calculations are done on your device only.

Use Convy to check unshieldig fees

Use Convy to check pDEX prices

Convy Currency Conversion

You can also use it to convert amounts in general from PRV, BTC or old school FIAT etc. in order to find out quickly how much of your precious Crypto you have to send to a friend etc.

How can you download Convy?

Simply click on the link or scan the QR Code in order to download. Convy is designed as an iOS Shortcut, thus right now unfortunately it will only work on iPhones and iPads.

Probably best way to use Convy

Once you have installed Convy just go to Settings - Accessibility - Touch - Back Tap - Double Tab - Choose then Convy. Once this is done you can launch convy everywhere by simply double tapping on the back of your device.


Version with USD only :white_check_mark:
Version with EUR only :white_check_mark:
UI Improvements 1/2 :white_check_mark:
UI Improvements 2/2
Speed Improvements 1/2 :white_check_mark:
Speed Improvements 2/2 :white_check_mark:
Copy & Paste function
Launch Convy on other platforms like in order to bring new users to Incognito Chain.

Any further ideas, let me know :slight_smile:

Download Convy (EUR and USD)


Download Convy (USD)


Download Convy (EUR)



23.11.2020 - USD version is ready.
If you do not need/want conversion for EUR, you can use now the USD version. This will lead to less API calls and calculations. Moreover the overall speed is improved by around 50% due to these changes as well.

25.11.2020 - EUR version is ready.
If you do not need/want conversion for USD, you can use now the EUR version. This will lead to less API calls and calculations. Moreover the overall speed is improved by around 50% due to these chanes as well.

27.11.2020 - Installation Video Guide has been added.
If you´re not sure how to start using Convy, this video is for you.

18.12.2020 - International version has been updated.
Reduced API calls for faster conversion, reduced traffic and easier onboarding process for new users.

18.12.2020 - UI Improvements on all versions.
Before it was possible to enter negative numbers, this has been improved now in order to avoid input errors while entering numbers.

Tipping address - Thank you :innocent:



Thanks sato, let us know when you have the android version available, looking forward to using this app at some point in the future.


Wow…very very cool Sato…congrats on the bot…but indeed let me know when you develop an android version…look forward to seeing it and using it… :sunglasses:

Awesome! Btw, what is the license of the source code? GPLv3? :smile:

Thank you @Tempestblack, I hope you are doing fine and have recovered fully. Once iOS version is fully developed with all the upcoming features, I will definitely start working on a port for Android :slight_smile:

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Thanks @joeker I will keep you updated. As soon as it is ready to use on Android, I will notify you.

Haha yeah, thanks to the iOS Shortcuts, you can see the build and change it if you wish. I was planning firstly to build it app based in Swift but I think this approach is better as it makes the use of the tool within the iOS ecosystem much more easier :slight_smile:

USD Version is ready for download. Check my initial post for further details. I hope you enjoy Convy as much as I do :innocent:


Hey sato…glad to hear about the update to Convy…question real quick…how is the android version coming along if I can ask?.. :sunglasses:

@Tempestblack right now there are still some things I would like to improve in order to be 100% satisfied with the actual build. Once this is done I’ll start with the android experience immediately :nerd_face:

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EUR version is ready. Like the USD Version, you´ll benefit now from much higher speeds etc. Just scan the QR Code in the main post or simply folIow in order to get the new Convy EUR Edition. Enjoy :innocent:


New Update: Video Installation Guide has been added. If you alredy knew, how to install Convy, you can just ignore this message :wink:


Tis good you created the video…hopefully when you come out with android version you will put out video for that version of the bot…looking forward to it… :sunglasses:

Thanks @Tempestblack :grinning: Yes definitively I’ll make a Video for the Android version as well :+1:

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Hey @sato! For some reason, the first two videos in the first post do not work. Could you please check if they do, on your device?

@Marina Seems like they work on my end.

Thanks @Chucky I have checked it again as well and it works on my side as well. @Marina could you please recheck and let me know if the problem still occurs? Thank you :innocent:

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Thank you for checking. Although, seems like they still don’t work on my Google Chrome. Can’t even press the play button. Must be some issues on my end tho

Ok, thank you @Marina.

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New Convy Updates
Please check the main post for detailed information. If you want to update, just download the actual version and choose during the installation process the replace option. I hope you still enjoy Convy in your daily crypto life as much as I do :upside_down_face:

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