Contabo node earnings

I know people are curious about Contabo if it’s worth it and how to set a server up there. Here is my earnings from one week on Contabo.

Week 1
Vnode1 - 33PRV
Vnode2 - 55 PRV

I do not recommend the cheapest vps they offer, I have the most expensive one. But I recommend the one for 8.99 or 14.99 and pay the extra for US servers.


Do earnings depend on which host you have?

No I do not think so but Contabo is the cheapest option

I put the first Vnode Incognito online in 17. NOVEMBER 2019…
I’ve done a lot comparisons of Provider A vs Provider B but for me Contabo is very good for Vnode incognito.
I also have 2 servers from them and I am very happy.


How many vnodes could you run on the recommended subscriptions?


I have the 800 gb ssd I’m assuming up to 8-10

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Why do you post this when earnings are not related to a VPS host.

It is like saying, “hey I bought some gum and after that my boss called me to tell me I got a raise. You should buy gum too”.

Completely unrelated, and confusing.

Because people were worried that these servers were to cheap, or that they would block mining on them. Cheap servers could cause a lot of problems mining.

@Dog, palumboe is being a good neighbor. Some services will block all cryptomining. Also, vnodes require servers with certain technical specifications. Palumboe is helping the community by providing information about how well a specific service works with vnode. It’s very helpful information. Less “I bought gum and got a raise” and more “I bought a quality pickaxe and mined this much gold with it.”


I understand what you’re saying here but like @Gold mentioned other users were hesitant about this service meeting the advertised performance. I was considering this VPS provider too but wanted feedback from others first.

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Put it in the post that mentions the Contabo service. This platform is very confusing for new people like me, when it comes to finding information, especially when it is spread out over multiple posts.

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