Connect Incognito Pay with mainstream for-privacy projects: 3,000 PRV

People increasingly desire the privacy in every product & service they’re using. It’s the universal truth nowadays. As a result, more and more community projects aiming to protect the privacy of users are going mainstream.

One of the examples is Open Privacy Research Society. For donation, these projects even integrate with cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc as a payment method thanks to its anonymity and freedom trait.

This Wanted ad is for people who can make the integration of Incognito in mainstream for-privacy projects such as Open Privacy Research Society real.

Reward: 3,000 PRV

What need to do to get the reward?

  1. Find more projects like Open Privacy Research Society
  2. Bring the Incognito vision to these teams, talk to them, and explain to them how Incognito could bring privacy to their project.
  3. Once you get an interest please make the introduction with @elena or @andrey
  4. If you know anyone who might be keen – send them our way!

If you have any questions, you know the drill. Just post them as a reply to this topic.

Important : If you want to take care of this Wanted, or know someone from these privacy projects and would like to help out, please drop a message below to confirm your involvement.


Discussed with @andrey via DM. I’ll be taking lead on this for now. Will post an update here once I have one in the coming weeks.


Hey @NYC how are the things going on ?) anyone got interested?

Meanwhile, I had a chat with, they are interested in reviewing Incognito Nod and exploring the opportunities.


Hi @andrey, thanks for checking in.

Sorry for the delay in updates. I was unexpectedly busy with work in my job the last couple weeks.

That’s great that you had a good chat with . I had not reached out to them.

I reached out to Open Privacy Research Society and am drafting emails for reaching out to the following relevant additional organizations later this week:

  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Fight for the Future
  • Foundation for Technology and Privacy Outreach
  • Privacy International
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center

If you have any additional organizations that you think are a good fit, please let me know. I’ll share an update again next week.

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Thats sounds good for me!

I also had chat with yesterday. They build free internet, we build free money. Could be good collaboration )



1- Very famous privacy focused group!
They have a VPN with a paid option we could point them to incognito pay.

2- EFF another privacy focused group
They have donation and they have a small shop!

3- A VPN based on OpenVPN and operated by activists and hacktivists in defence of net neutrality, privacy and against censorship. They also accept BTC smaller company than nordvpn

4- De-googled phone privacy foundation (I will try to work togheter with them for the INCOGNITO phone @andrey knows something about it)


1- Very famous secure mail! Comes with free and paid options

2- Very famous secure mail! Comes with free and paid options

3- SUper famous VPN They already support many crypto payments

4- They sell pre configured blockchain nodes (Partnership with Hopr network also)

5- peer to peer marketplace

I didn’t start any conversation with them (only with /e/ foundation) but i will if we think that is a good idea; offcourse i would need help.
I will also post some more i know few of them but i have to think about!

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Hey @Katoshicoins the most challenging is to convince them to use Incognito as the main channel for donations.

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